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Hi! I'm Trevor James, a full-time digital nomad who lives to travel and eat street food on my YouTube channel, The Food Ranger. I've spent the last 10 years traveling the world, making videos about food and travel. In that time, I've gained over 25 million followers across my main social channels. My Facebook page, as of July 2024, just hit 19 million followers. It frequently ranks within the top 10 most-viewed pages on the entire platform, outranking most major corporate publishers and news sites month by month.

It's been a fantastic adventure. I've managed this without a team and no massive budgets. I truly believe that this success is because I create authentic, personal, and unbiased content on all my platforms, this blog included.

Sometimes I can't believe that I get to travel the world and eat amazing food for a living! It's been a wild ride. In the beginning when I was just starting out, it seemed like an impossible dream, but I kept pushing forward and it eventually became reality!

Now, after over 10 years of travel, becoming “famous”, visiting over 40 countries, and shooting literally thousands of videos, I've learned a lot about cybersecurity. I'm often helping my friends and family with matters like what is the best VPN and how to protect your privacy online. So, it's a natural next step for me to open this cybersecurity blog to help you as well.

I've become a cybersecurity expert out of necessity because I frequently visit restrictive countries with vast surveillance networks to monitor their citizen's daily lives. As a relatively famous YouTuber who's often in the news and as a Canadian citizen, my mind races in overdrive when I visit countries with poor diplomatic relationships with Canada. That's why I highly value my privacy and my security online. I've found myself overthinking about innocent Google searches I've made in the past while inside these restrictive countries. So I set forth to having a framework for my online privacy and security that I strictly follow every instance I'm online both at home and abroad for my own peace of mind.

Additionally, as the owner of multiple high traffic social media channels, I've learned the hard way about hackers and scammers too. Each day I receive dozens of different types of scam emails, notifications, and hack attempts. Most often these attempts are pretending to be from Facebook and YouTube, trying to get my login credentials, but sometimes also trying to get into my bank accounts, emails, and more. Now, with over 10 years of experience in dealing with these issues in the cybersecurity world and many mistakes later, I would consider myself a true cybersecurity expert.

This website is a culmination of everything I've learned along the way about cybersecurity and the framework I just mentioned above.

More About TravelSecurely

TravelSecurely is my passion project dedicated to helping you stay safe and secure while you travel.

Here, you'll find everything related to digital safety, identity protection, and travel.

Most of my content falls into these categories:

  1. All about VPNs. I've learned a lot about VPNs and what are the best VPNs to use over the years. I've spent a lot of time testing and reviewing different VPN providers for you, so you can make informed decisions from my unbiased reviews.
  2. Reviews. Here, I review all types of products related do digital safety. From VPN reviews to secure email and password manager reviews, these help you make informed decisions about how to keep yourself safe online.
  3. How-To Guides. Here, I'm providing you with valuable guides on how to keep yourself safe online.
I hope that when you travel, you Travel Securely! And that you find my content useful!

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