Welcome, fellow traveler!

Hi! I'm Trevor James, a full-time digital nomad who lives to travel and eat street food on my YouTube channel, The Food Ranger.

After traveling full-time for over 10 years, I've decided to blog about cybersecurity as well! In this blog, you'll find tons of resources about how to keep yourself and your data secure and private whether you're at home or on the road. After traveling full-time for this past decade, I've realized that there is a huge lack of cybersecurity information for travelers.

Many people, including myself, have gotten hacked and fallen victim to scammers. That's why I've created this site to help keep you secure both at home and while traveling abroad!

About TravelSecurely

TravelSecurely is my passion project dedicated to helping you stay safe and secure while you travel.

Here, you'll find everything related to digital safety, identity protection, and travel.

Most of my content falls into these categories:

  1. Reviews. Here, I review all types of products related do digital safety. From VPN reviews to secure email and password manager reviews, these help you make informed decisions about how to keep yourself safe online.
  2. How-To Guides. Here, I'm providing you with valuable guides on how to keep yourself safe online.
I hope that when you travel, you Travel Securely! And that you find my content useful!

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