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A password should be long and a mix of letters and other characters. It shouldn’t be a dictionary word or info tied to you. Ask any cybersecurity person about what makes a strong password and you’ll likely get that answer. But really, doing that for EVERY online account you have isn’t easy. I felt that way too. Until I used a password manager. 

A password manager really simplifies the process of creating good passwords and keeping them safe. I should know. I’ve been using one since I started traveling and working as a content creator. Now if you’re new to this, you don’t have to sift through the many services out there. I’ve done that already and am ready to share with you my top password managers. Does NordPass make the cut? Find out in this comprehensive NordPass review.

NordPass Review Rapid Rundown Review Rapid Rundown

To tell the honest truth, I wasn't really sure whether I wanted a password manager. But I heard good things about NordPass. So I set out to do a full NordPass review and see whether it was worth it.

After using NordPass, I found NordPass to be a game-changer for managing all my passwords. It completely removed the burdensome task of remembering multiple login details. Instead, you just need to recall one master password. Better yet, you can use biometric authentication like FaceID to login to the NordPass app if your device supports it. I found log-ins the easiest with NordPass.

NordPass no longer offers a monthly subscription. But they do offer a 30-day premium trial for free. It allows you to use premium features that aren't in the free version for 30 days. If you don't think they're worth the cost, just continue with NordPass Free. I still wish Nordpass users were given the option to get a monthly subscription. But if you just want to test it, the 30-day premium trial may suffice.

One of the best things I really like about NordPass is their top-notch live chat. Bear in mind that not all password managers offer this service. Some of the password managers that I also recommend, like 1Password and Bitwarden for instance, don't offer it. So having a live chat backed by an excellent customer support team is really a big plus. If you have a problem, there’s a good chance they can resolve it or give an acceptable answer right away. 

Try NordPass risk-free!

NordPass is a game-changer for managing all your passwords. Super easy to use and packed with security features. Try the 30-day Premium trial now.

Notable features

  1. Data Breach Scanner: This tool checks if your credentials have been exposed in any known data leaks. It keeps you a step ahead of hackers.
  2. Biometric Login: No need to remember your master password. You can use your face or fingerprint to access your account. Simple and secure.
  3. Password Health Report: This feature grades the strength of your passwords. It helps you to maintain good security.
  4. Secure Sharing: Allows you to share passwords with others in a secure manner.

Full NordPass Review

Welcome to the full NordPass review. This is where I go into the intricate details of this awesome password manager. From its robust security controls to its intuitive user interface, I’ll be sure to highlight all the features that make NordPass stand out. Time to gear up for our in-depth review. Let's get right to it!

Quick NordPass Review
Overall rank1 out of 7
Starting Price$1.49/month when billed annually
Money-Back Guarantee30-day
Biometric logins
Password storage limitUnlimited
Document storage limit for individuals3GB per user

Pros and Cons

  • Top-notch live chat support.
  • 3GB document storage is 3x higher than the usual 1GB
  • Data Breach Scanner keeps your data safe from leaks.
  • Offers 30-day premium trial for testing
  • Offers a free version
  • User-friendly interface
  • Lack of monthly subscription limits payment flexibility
  • No way to categorize logins
  • No bug bounty program

NordPass Pricing Pricing

NordPass offers real value for your money. And I'm not even talking about the free version. NordPass Premium offers features and capabilities you can't find in other password managers. The Premium Plan only costs $2.39 per month, billed annually. That’s just about the cost of a tall Starbucks—and I haven’t even started on its features!

It's the second cheapest among my recommended password managers. The cheapest is Bitwarden. In all paid plans, you can access your passwords across an unlimited number of devices at the same time! This is a boon for tech-savvy users who juggle multiple devices daily.

If you don't like committing to an annual plan, you can avail of the 30-day money-back guarantee. This will allow you to experience any plan and still get your money back if you're not satisfied. And remember the 30-day Premium trial mentioned earlier? That's another way to try paid NordPass features, except that it's limited to the Premium Plan. The Premium Plan is the paid plan for individuals.

To help you make an informed decision, I've put together a comparison table of the different plans. The dollar amounts you see here are the monthly costs when billed annually. You can get a cheaper price if you go for the 2-year plan. Take a look at the features offered by each plan to see which one suits your needs best. 

Monthly cost if billed annually$0$2.39 / User$3.69 / Family
(up to 6 members)
$3.99 / User
Unlimited passwords
Password generator
Credit/Debit card storage andauto-fill
Multi-factor authentication
Browser extensions



Live chat, email, forum, and socmed support
Password/item sharing
Unlimited devices
(1 device at a time)
Document storage (3GB/user)


Password Health
Emergency Access
Guest sharing
Admin-assisted account recovery
Admin Panel

The Family Plan gives you the best bang for your buck if you want to secure your family members’ passwords. Yes, the subscription is $3.69 versus only $2.39 for the Premium Plan. But the Family Plan already includes 6 users! Plus, each user has its own vault and gets access to all the features of Premium. For me, this plan is a no-brainer for those with family members who could use the service too.

NordPass Security and Privacy Security and Privacy

When you pick a password manager, your major criteria must be its security features. We're always faced with the threat of data breaches. That’s why you should only entrust your sensitive data with a company rooted in strong security. 

NordPass security is one of the best. It's backed by an infrastructure that undergoes independent security audits. I like that they don't just go around claiming they're secure. They actually hire a third party auditor to assesses their systems and to verify their security. Here's a rundown of NordPass' security features. 

Master password

Your Master Password serves as the key to unlock your encrypted vault. Your vault is where all of your passwords are securely stored. You create your master password when you first sign up for NordPass. Since it's the only key to unlock your passwords, you must keep this NordPass password safe and secure. 

You must also make sure this password is hard to crack. I’ve shared tips on how to create a secure password. Check these out later in the FAQ. 

In the event that you forget your NordPass master password, you will need your Recovery Code. This code can likewise be generated when you set up your account. It acts as a backup method to regain access to your NordPass account. Read more about it in the Account Recovery section below.

Like many reputable password managers, NordPass employs a Zero Knowledge Architecture. This means NordPass won't know your master password or any of your stored passwords. It won't know your Recovery Code either. This ensures that only you can access the items stored in your vault.

Secure Notes

Secure Notes provides users with a secure way of “jotting down” private data. And I'm not talking about your usual passwords. I'm talking about Wi-Fi passwords, software keys, crypto passphrases, travel details, and so on. You can jot them all down in Secure Notes.

A screenshot of the NordPass desktop app with the Secure Notes section selected.

The NordPass app stores your secure notes in your vault, along with your passwords. Secure notes and passwords enjoy unlimited storage limits. That means you can store as many of them as you need in your password manager. My travel and food vlog necessitates me to subscribe to so many services so this really works great for me.

Password vault

The vault is the most important part of the NordPass app. It's where you store passwords, secure notes, and credit card data. As mentioned earlier, it can only be locked and unlocked by your master password.

NordPass uses the XChaCha20 encryption algorithm to encrypt its vaults. I find this worth mentioning because other password managers use AES-256. XChaCha20 is said to be as secure as AES-256. You can add another layer of protection to your vaults by using multi-factor authentication. I'll show you how to set this up later.

If you want to know if passwords in your vault have been exposed in a data breach, you can use the Data Breach Scanner. It's a Premium feature that will check if any of your logins were exposed in known data leaks.

You can also take advantage of NordPass' Password Health report. It's an automated feature that checks for weak or commonly used passwords in your vault. This will help you identify which passwords need to be replaced.

As you can see, your vault is protected by multiple layers of NordPass security. That's one of the reasons why I consider NordPass one of the best password managers out there. 

Password generator

The NordPass password generator creates secure passwords for you. You no longer have to create passwords manually. In doing so, it helps you avoid easy-to-guess, weak passwords.

In addition, the NordPass password generator provides you with various customization options. You can set the default password length. The longer your password, the more secure it will be. It will be more resistant to what they call brute force attacks. The generator also allows you to include or exclude specific elements. For instance, I’ve set mine to include numbers, symbols, or uppercase letters.

A screenshot of the NordPass Password Generator

The password generator complements the Password Health feature quite well. Password Health can check if you still have weak passwords in your vault. If any is found, you can use the generator to create replacements. I’ll talk about this feature in more detail in a short while. 

Browser extension

The NordPass browser extension turns your web browser into a password manager. Once activated, it can autofill login pages with passwords stored in your vault. It can add new login credentials to your vault as well. New items automatically sync across your devices. So when you open your NordPass app on your desktop or phone, those newly added logins will be there. NordPass has browser extensions for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. I find all these very convenient and time-saving. 

NordPass browser extensions don't stop at password management. They can also handle your credit card details. Credit cards hold some of our most confidential data and I don’t need to tell you the scary scenarios if hackers were to get hold of the info. Bottomline is, you want them stored securely. NordPass' encrypted vault can take care of that. And when you need to pay for something online, the browser extension can autofill your credit card details. No more manually typing in numbers or searching for them in your vault. 

A screenshot of the Nordpass Chrome browser extension

Zero knowledge

NordPass, like every secure password manager, follows a zero knowledge architecture. What does it mean? At the heart of zero knowledge is the concept that you, and only you, should have access to your passwords. Even the NordPass company itself doesn't know your secrets. It doesn't matter if those secrets are stored in their servers. 

This principle extends to your master password and even your recovery code. This ensures that all decryption of your data happens locally on your device. So even if NordPass servers were hacked, your data would remain secure.

Password Health

NordPass offers a nifty security tool called Password Health. Password Health scans your password vault for weak passwords. It also looks for passwords that are already more than 90 days old.  I try to change my passwords regularly but it’s hard to keep up with so many accounts. This feature helps keep my passwords in check. Lastly, it looks for reused passwords. I explained the dangers of reusing passwords in the FAQ. You might want to check that out later. 

Password Health works well with the password generator. Let's say Password Health finds a weak or old password. You can then use the generator to create a new password. You don't have to brainstorm complex password combinations. The password generator will do it for you in an instant. 

Note that the age of a password is based on how long it's been stored in NordPass. If you just recently imported your passwords, NordPass won't be able to find any old passwords. 

A screenshot of the NordPass Password Health screen

Data Breach Scanner

The NordPass Data Breach Scanner is one of my favorite security features. I always look for this type of feature when I test a password manager. 1Password, Dashlane, and Bitwarden have features like this. So how does it work? The Data Breach Scanner scans the internet for data breaches. It then checks and identifies if any of the items in your password vault are affected.

A screenshot of the NordPass Data Breach Scanner

I suggest you run the Data Breach Scanner regularly. This will keep you updated of any passwords involved in a data breach. That way, you're sure you're always using secure passwords. NordPass recently added the Breach Monitoring feature to this tool. Read more about it in the FAQ section. 

Features and Capabilities

NordPass security is certainly one of the best among password managers. But NordPass offers other features and capabilities as well. Let's direct our attention to those now. 

Unlimited passwords

You can store unlimited passwords in your password vault. And you don’t have to be on NordPass Premium to do that. Even users of the free version can enjoy unlimited storage for passwords. Remember that all your apps are synced. So all those passwords you store on the NordPass desktop app can be used on the NordPass mobile apps as well. 

Form auto-fill

Being a password manager, NordPass auto-saves and auto-fills on login screens. That's a given. But you can also enter credit card info into NordPass. You can do that in the Credit Cards section as shown below.

A screenshot of the NordPass Credit Cards screen

NordPass will then auto-fill that information on any relevant form on the web. I discovered that in most cases, it will also auto-fill the check-out pages on e-commerce sites. You'll have to install a suitable browser extension for this feature to work though. So if you're using Chrome, install the NordPass Chrome extension. If you're using Safari, install the Safari extension and so on. 

Emergency Access

A screenshot of the NordPass Emergency Access screen

I wish all or at least most password managers had a feature like Emergency Access. This feature grants a designated NordPass user access to your vault in case of an emergency. I know we don't want to talk about it, but it can come in handy if something really bad happens to you. Let's just say, for example, you sadly pass away.

The person whom you granted emergency access will then be able to view all the secrets stored in your vault. That includes all the passwords, secure notes, and so on. Let me be clear, though: this isn't as simple as granting someone access to your vault by sharing your master password. It doesn't work that way.

Here's how it works. First, you select a NordPass user, presumably someone you really trust. You give that person emergency access rights. After that person accepts, he or she can request emergency access anytime. You can then deny or allow access within 7 days. What's so special about that? Here's the kicker.

If you fail to respond within 7 days, that person will automatically be granted access. You don't have to do anything. And it's really what it's designed for. If you're unable to respond, it likely means you're incapacitated or gone. 

Other password managers don’t have this feature. In 1Password, for example, a user can only get 'emergency access' if he or she is a designated organizer or admin. That's only possible in a Family, Team, or Business Plan. In NordPass, Emergency Access is available even at the Premium Plan. This means individuals can leave their passwords to a trusted person. I consider it a sort of online bequeathal in a way.

Some of our most valuable possessions are behind our online accounts, after all. You'll never know when you'll have to be gone for a long time or permanently. If you want someone to inherit those possessions, Emergency Access is one simple way to do it. 

Document storage

A screenshot highlighting the NordPass Attach File feature

Most password managers provide unlimited password storage. But NordPass has one big advantage when it comes to storage. NordPass gives users a whopping 3GB of document or file storage. I’m not talking about passwords. I’m talking about files. Why is that a big deal? Well, NordPass is the only password manager I know that gives that amount of file storage. Other password managers only provide up to 1GB. 

Bear in mind though, only NordPass Premium users (and higher) can use this feature. Free version users can't. In fact, free version users can't attach files at all. That’s a bit of a letdown, but then again, it’s the same for most providers. 

Ease of Use and Setup

NordPass is more than a secure password manager. The NordPass app actually does a great job in simplifying how we adopt secure practices. In the following sections, I'm going to show you the most common things we do on this kind of app. And I'd like you to see just how easy they are. 

NordPass account creation

There are a couple of ways to create a NordPass account. You can try the free version, in which case you'll be given access to a 30-day Premium trial. With this option, you can use Premium features for 30 days. Unlike the other options, you don't have to submit a credit card to sign up. After the 30 days elapse, you can either upgrade to a paid plan or downgrade to the free version.

The other sign up options, which are associated with paid plans, require you to submit a credit card or another payment option. For the Premium and Family Plans, you're entitled to a 30-day money-back guarantee. And for the Business Plan, you're entitled to a 14-day free trial.

Here are the general steps to create an account:

  1. If you choose NordPass Free, all you have to do is submit an email address.
  2. You may then be sent a verification link, which you can use to activate your account. In some cases, like if you use a Google account, you won't be sent a verification link.
  3. You'll then be asked to enter a Master Password. Create a strong password. Check out our tips on how to create a secure password in the FAQ. 
A screenshot of the Create Master Password screen

Once your account is set up, you’ll then be asked to add or import passwords.

Screenshot of the NordPass Let's get started screen

Account recovery

While we hope you never have to recover your account, it’s best to prepare for this situation right from the start. If you ever lose or forget your Master Password, your ability to recover your account will usually depend on only one thing—your Recovery Code. The only exception is if you’re a Business Plan user. I’ll explain why shortly. Thus, it’s very important to:

  1. Retrieve your recovery code right from the start. In fact, you should retrieve it as soon as you create your NordPass account. 
Screenshot of the Save Security Code button
  1. Store your recovery password in a safe place. Once you’ve obtained your code, copy it, paste it in a file, and then save that file in a safe place. Better yet, download the PDF, print it, and then store it in a safe place. 
Screenshot of the NordPass dialog box showing the link to download the Recovery Code PDF

If you’re a Business Plan user, you can request account recovery from your Admin. Your Admin can then approve the recovery through the Admin Panel. I imagine majority of my readers will be Free, Personal, and Family Plan users. So, you really need to follow the steps outlined above!

Import and export passwords

NordPass allows you to import passwords from other password managers. You can even import from your web browsers. What ever the source, the import process usually involves a CSV file. 

Screenshot of the screen for importing passwords from various platforms into NordPass

Once you already have the CSV file from the source, the process is straightforward. I found it easiest to import passwords using the import tool on the NordPass website. If you don't know how to obtain the file, that won’t be a problem. I appreciate that NordPass provides instructions for doing that on every source. They really covered all bases. 

Screenshot of the NordPass dialog box to import Google Chrome passwords into NordPass

Switching to a different password manager can often be daunting. But NordPass makes the transition smooth and simple. With just a few clicks, your passwords and other sensitive data will be all imported to NordPass. 

Exporting passwords is just as easy. However, note that some NordPass apps do not have an export feature. The NordPass iPhone app, for instance, doesn’t support it. Again, the easiest place to export passwords is through the NordPass website. Just login to your account, click the gear icon on the left, scroll down, and then use the export tool. Just export the CSV file and then import that file into your target password manager. 

Screenshot of the screen for importing and exporting items into/from NordPass

Using the desktop app

Generally speaking, I prefer the desktop app of any password manager over the mobile apps. Desktop apps have a larger screen real estate, so I find them easier on the eyes. I also find it easier to navigate them. For example, if I'm viewing an item in the vault and want to reach another part of the app, I can do it in fewer steps. In most cases, the tool I want to reach is just one click away. Compare the two screenshots below to see what I mean. 

Screenshot showing how easily accessible other tools are in NordPass desktop
NordPass desktop application
Screenshot showing how you need more steps to access other tools in NordPass mobile app
NordPass mobile app

The NordPass desktop app is one of the most visually appealing in the industry.  I know looks don’t count for much compared to features, but it's just a bonus worth mentioning. It's also very intuitive. I like how all the tools I need are lined up along the left panel, easily accessible from almost anywhere in the app. 

Both free users and premium users get to use practically the same desktop app user interface. The only difference is that free users don't have access to premium features like: 

  • Password sharing
  • Password Health, 
  • Data Breach Scanner, and 
  • Emergency Access. 

Setting up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Setting up Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) on NordPass is easy. Here’s how you do it on the deskto app.

  1. Click the gear icon at the top of the screen.
  2. Scroll down the right panel. Look for the toggle switch labeled Multi-Factor Authentication. Enable that by switching the toggle to the right. 
  3. This will load up a web page where you’ll be asked to enter a one-time login code. This code will be sent to your registered email. Note that you’ll encounter this process from time to time. 
Screenshot of the NordPass screen where you enable multi-factor authentication MFA
  1. Enter the one-time login code. 
  2. This will log you into your account on the NordPass web site. Specifically, you’ll be brought to the MFA page. 
  3. There, you’ll be able to set up MFA using an authenticator app (like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator) or a USB security key. You can find more information about authenticator apps and USB security keys in the FAQ below. 
  4. Click the set up button beside the MFA method you want to use. In this example, I’m choosing the authenticator app. 
  5. As soon as you click that, you’ll be asked to scan a QR code using your authenticator. Do that and follow the rest of the instructions on the screen. 
Screenshot of the pop up showing the QR code for setting up an authenticator app with NordPass

When you’re done, you’ll be logged out of all your devices. All succeeding logins will then be done through MFA. As explained in the FAQ, MFA adds another layer of security to your NordPass logins. 

Password sharing

Screenshot of the NordPass share button for sharing passwords and other vault items.

NordPass supports password sharing, but only in its Premium plans and higher. It doesn't support this feature in NordPass Free. In comparison, you can share passwords in the free versions of Dashlane and Bitwarden. If you need this feature on a regular basis, consider an upgrade to a paid plan or try those two other solutions. 

Sharing is easy on NordPass. Just select a vault item, click the share button, and then enter the recipient's email. You can also specify if the recipient has full or limited rights. If you select ‘full', the recipient can view, edit, and re-share your item. If you select ‘limited', sensitive item details will be hidden on the app and can't be edited. 

I suggest you avail of the 30-day Premium Trial first. That’s what’s awesome about having a free trial period for premium plans. You'll be able to use premium features like sharing for free. You can share login credentials and other items in your vault with other NordPass users. At the end of 30 days, you can make a more informed decision. If you find the features worth the cost, you can upgrade your NordPass account to premium. If not, you can downgrade to free. 

NordPass Mobile App Mobile App

The NordPass mobile app is an excellent tool for managing your passwords on the go. It's compatible with both iOS and Android devices. So you have the convenience of accessing your vault anytime, anywhere. You can store unlimited passwords, notes, and credit card data on the mobile app. I mentioned earlier that the desktop app looks good and is user-friendly, and the app interface is just as intuitive.

One of the key benefits of the NordPass mobile app is its autofill feature. It doesn't just autofill passwords but also credit cards information. This can come in handy when shopping online or logging into your accounts on your mobile device. You don't need to remember your intricate passwords or dig out your credit card details. 

Additionally, the mobile apps support biometric authentication, such as fingerprint and face scans. This gives you quick and secure access to your vault without the need to type in your master password each time. All you have to do is show your face or thumb, and you're in!

Customer Support

NordPass offers a live chat service for customer support. That's a big plus for me, especially because password managers can be tricky sometimes. I always look for live chat whenever I try any app. Not all of them offer it, so I'm very pleased that NordPass has one. In addition, my experience with the NordPass team has always been superb. They're very quick to reply and they know their product well. 

Screenshot of the NordPass customer support live chat

In addition to live chat, NordPass also offers support through email and social media. You can DM them on Twitter. They're also on YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit. However, it doesn't look like they actively provide support through those platforms. They do have a comprehensive FAQ page and Knowledge Base. I looked there too and found answers quickly.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with NordPass's customer service. They're professional, knowledgeable, and quick to respond. It gives me peace of mind knowing that there's always someone I can turn to in case I need help.


As we discussed earlier, NordPass Premium is one of the best password managers out there. Still, it's not the only one. There are others that I also recommend.

1Password is a strong contender. It's packed with security features like Watchtower. It's a tool that alerts you of any possible data breaches or unsecure passwords. It also known for its Travel Mode, which hides selected vaults when you're traveling. Anything that’s useful for my frequent trips gets a thumbs up from me. 

Dashlane is another password manager that should be on your radar. It stands out with its built-in VPN. A VPN can keep your connections secure after you login to an online service. Dashlane's Security Dashboard is also a fantastic feature. It keeps you updated on the health of your passwords, nudging you to upgrade weak or repeated ones.

Bitwarden is also a good choice, especially for those on a budget. Despite its lower cost, Bitwarden doesn't compromise on critical security features. It's also open source. This means an entire community of users and experts always checks the tool's security.

Your decision will depend on your specific needs and preferences. To help you decide, check out the comparison table below. This table details the key features, pricing, and other essential factors of each tool.

Individual Premium Plan monthly cost$2.99/month / User1 out of 7 / User$3.33/month / User$0.83/month / User
Business Plan monthly cost$7.99 / User$3.99 / User$6.00 / User$5.00 / User
Password generator
Encrypted file storage
Autofill login details & credit card info
Support multiple operating systems
2-factor authentication



Password sharing
Multiple vaults/collections/folders
Hide account passwords while traveling
3rd party audits


Has free version
Virtual private network (VPN)

Note that in other password managers, multi-factor authentication is called two-factor authentication. 

A password manager helps users store and manage their passwords in a secure manner. It also helps generate strong a unique passwords. With a password manager, you'll be able to perform password usage best practices with ease. 

When using a password manager, users typically create a master password. This master password acts as the key to unlock the password vault. This vault is encrypted, so it's very secure. It's where the password manager stores all passwords and other sensitive data. 

Many password managers, including NordPass, also simplify the use of credit cards. These password managers allow you to store credit card data in their vaults. The data is then brought into play when the user makes online purchases. Users no longer have to manually enter credit card information upon check-out. The password manager can auto-fill the forms for them. 

Moreover, password managers often sync data across multiple devices. This enables users to access vault items from their desktops, laptops, phones, and so on.

Yes, NordPass does offer a free version. For those who are new to password managers or who are budget-conscious, you'll love it. NordPass Free already allows you to enjoy unlimited storage for passwords. That said, the NordPass Free does have some limitations compared to NordPass Premium.

One big limitation is that free users can only access their vault one device at a time. If you're used to working across multiple devices, this could be an inconvenience. NordPass Premium allows you to sync your passwords across all your devices. If that's a big deal, you probably should upgrade after giving it a spin. 

You certainly have enough time to give it a test run. NordPass offers you two options to try. There's the 30-day Premium Trial. Basically, when you sign up for NordPass Free, you'll be given 30 days to try the premium features. When the 30 days are up, you can choose to upgrade to Premium or downgrade to the free password manager. Another option is the 30-day money-back guarantee. This is for the paid plans. Here, you need to sign up with a credit card. You'll then be given 30 days to try the plan you signed up for. If you don't like it, they'll give you a refund, no questions asked. 

While NordPass Free is quite good, it does lack a few features found in other password managers. For instance, Dashland and Bitwarden already support password sharing in their free editions. NordPass doesn't. Dashland and Bitwarden also have a browser extension for Brave. NordPass doesn't. 

Reused passwords can trigger a domino effect in the event of a data breach. If a hacker gets hold of your password for one site, they'll be able to access all other sites where you use the same password. 

This is where password managers like 1Password come into play. With a password manager, you only need to remember your master password. This will make it easier for you to create unique, complex passwords for each of your online accounts. It will eliminate the temptation to reuse passwords. It also, thus, reduces the risk for you in case any of your online services is hacked.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) adds another layer of protection to your passwords. Even if a hacker manages to get hold of your password, he/she will still need that other factor to login to your account. Without it, your account will remain safe.

Screenshot of the Google and Microsoft authenticator apps on a mobile device

An authenticator app can serve as that second layer in multi-factor authentication (MFA). I use Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator for this purpose. These apps generate a one-time code. To login to your account, you will need to enter the code in addition to your password.

Some sites also allow you to use USB security keys for MFA. These physical devices connect to your system via USB. They then provide another validation step in the MFA process. Even if your password is compromised, access will be denied without your security key. NordPass supports both authenticator apps and security keys for MFA.

Last but definitely not the least, you can use biometric authentication. Common examples of biometric authentication include Apple's Face ID and Touch ID. These methods use unique parts of your body to verify your identity. Thus, they're very hard—if not impossible—to bypass. It's the reason why NordPass gives you the option to unlock its app with it instead of your Master Password. 

I think it’s great that NordPass is giving multiple options for implementing MFA. Now there’s really no reason why you can’t have an additional layer of protection.

Screenshot of the Face ID option for logging into the NordPass mobile app

Data Breach Monitoring is a new feature that you can access from the NordPass Data Breach Scanner tool. It allows you to add email addresses and have NordPass monitor them for you on a daily basis. If any of those emails are involved in data leaks, you will be notified.

Screenshot of the NordPass Data Breach Scanner screen

This can help, especially if you're fond of using the same password for all your accounts. You really should stop doing that. When you're warned that your email may have been exposed in a data breach, you can have enough time to act. You can still change the passwords in your other accounts. This will prevent them from getting affected. 

NordPass Free only allows you to use 1 device at a time. However, all NordPass paid plans allow you to use an unlimited number of devices at the same time. On a paid plan, you don't have to close the app on one device to access your passwords, credit cards and other sensitive information on another device. 

Ideally, your password should consist of the following elements:

  • Uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Numbers and symbols
  • At least 8 characters in length

It is also important to avoid using common words or phrases. Hackers use dictionaries of common passwords to try and guess your credentials. So it's better to go with something that is more unique and complex.

The NordPass Password Generator can help you create a secure password in a matter of seconds. You can even set requirements for generating passwords. For example, you can set a minimum length as well force it to use capital letters, numbers, and symbols.

Screenshot of the NordPass Password Generator

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